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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review: A Great Wearable for Exercise Tracking

When it comes to new mobile products, Samsung doesn’t always get it right the first time. Its earliest phablets were comically big. Its first pair of wire-free earbuds were fine, if you could get past the inadequate battery life. Its...

/ April 18, 2019

Hands on with Samsung’s all-screen phone

Samsung Galaxy A80 is the brand’s slightly riskier take on the Galaxy S10. It’s one of the most ‘different’ Samsung phones we’ve seen in a long time and could be an interesting look what see flagships looking like in the...

/ April 13, 2019

Samsung Galaxy event live blog: everything that happened at the launch

The Samsung Galaxy launch event is now over, but we were live at the company's satellite event in Italy to bring you everything you need to know about the new handsets. Samsung's main event is actually being held in Bangkok,...

/ April 12, 2019