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iPhone vs Android: Which Is Better?

When it comes to buying one of the best smartphones, the first choice can be the hardest: iPhone or Android. It's not simple; both offer a lot of great features and they may seem basically the same other than brand and price....

/ September 21, 2019

Google Pixel 4 launch date confirmed for October 15

The Google Pixel 4 launch date has been confirmed as October 15, after the search giant sent out invites to a New York City event. 

/ September 19, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10E review: The best value Galaxy S10

The best thing about the Galaxy S10E isn't its screen or its camera, or the fact that it has a fingerprint reader on the side instead of in its display. It's that all those traits together create a complete and...

/ April 13, 2019

Hands on with Samsung’s all-screen phone

Samsung Galaxy A80 is the brand’s slightly riskier take on the Galaxy S10. It’s one of the most ‘different’ Samsung phones we’ve seen in a long time and could be an interesting look what see flagships looking like in the...

/ April 13, 2019