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Here’s why so many apps are asking to use Bluetooth on iOS 13

Apple’s new iOS 13 update adds a new privacy measure that requires apps to get your consent in order to use your device’s Bluetooth. After installing the latest version of iOS, trust me when I say you’ll be surprised by...

/ September 20, 2019

Nvidia vs AMD: who makes the best graphics cards?

If you ask a console gamer, they’ll go on at length about the perennial rivalry between the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, and which you should choose to play Fortnite on. However, PC gamers have a similar feud: Nvidia...

/ April 16, 2019

Millionaire Wants To Hold 100-Person Battle Royale Event On Private Island

Inspired by the success of games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends, a very rich person is looking to buy an island and bring 100 people to it for a real-life game of battle royale. IGN spotted a listing on...

/ April 14, 2019

Trolls are harassing a scientist who helped photograph a black hole

It’s so easy to be excited about Katie Bouman. She’s the 29-year-old computer scientist whose utter glee at seeing a black hole for the first time was captured in a picture that warmed hearts around the world. Congratulations poured in,...

/ April 14, 2019

See the first image ever taken of a supermassive black hole

For the first time ever, humanity can gaze at an actual photograph of a supermassive black hole. It’s an achievement that took supercomputers, eight telescopes stationed on five continents, hundreds of researchers, and vast amounts of data to accomplish. The...

/ April 12, 2019

Disney Drops All the Details on Its Upcoming Netflix Competitor

Joining the increasingly crowded streaming space, the Walt Disney Company on Thursday delivered more details about its anticipated service Disney+. And if there was any question that this product would directly compete with Netflix, there certainly isn’t now.

/ April 12, 2019

Ubisoft CEO Believes That There Would Be Too Much Pressure On A New Splinter Cell

Ubisoft is no stranger to keeping franchises alive as long as they make sense. While it would be nice to get a new Prince of Persia or something like it, games like Rayman Origins and Beyond Good & Evil 2...

/ April 11, 2019

A nuclear missile gets dismantled in this new stop-motion video

In a surprisingly cheerful stop-motion animation released today, two disembodied hands dismantle a model of a Minuteman III missile, a weapon that — if launched — could send a nuclear warhead across the world. The hands pull it apart, burn...

/ April 10, 2019

Best Raspberry Pi alternatives (April 2019)

The Nvidia Jetson Nano Developer Kit is a single-board computer that allows you to work with multiple neural networks in parallel for applications like image classification, object detection, segmentation, and speech processing.It also comes with support for many popular AI...

/ April 10, 2019