Announced at the Google IO 2019 keynote back in May, an incognito mode for Google Maps is reportedly now in testing, as discovered by XDA Developers.

Available from today for members of the Google Maps preview group as part of a closed beta, the incognito mode test is included in Preview Maps’ latest 10.26 update. At present, the update is currently limited to the Android version of the Google Maps preview app.

In the test, incognito mode may be switched on via the app’s settings, at which point Google Maps will stop sharing your location, updating your location history, saving your browsing history or using your personal data to personalize your Maps searches.

XDA Developers’ editor in chief obtained a GIF of the new incognito mode for Google Maps in action, which you can check out in his tweet below.

As you can see, switching on incognito mode will apply a black strap across the top of the screen, indicating to the user that “incognito mode is on.” Also present is the classic ‘hat and sunglasses’ incognito icon situated within the Google Maps search bar.

It’s worth noting that the beta feature is also working in the Android Auto version of the Google Maps app – Android Police acquired the image below from a user who chooses to remain anonymous.

Google Maps incognito mode

At present, it’s unknown when Google Maps’ incognito mode will be made available to everyone (which will also include iOS users), but since the feature is already in its closed beta, we can probably expect a full rollout in the very near future.


Posted by Elizabeth Ricci

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